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Lakyn is co-founder and President of Furvivors Wonderland. She can always be found with a furry friend somewhere in her presence. She has been raised with a variety of puppies since she was three and her eldest pup living until 16 years, so she’s done something right. At one time her family pack included 5 dogs ranging in size from 130 to a teeny 3 pounds. She started horse lessons at 6 years old as a result of an impromptu pony ride on a boy named Baba Ghanoush and a gift certificate from her good friend, aka ‘big sister’ Katie. The rest is history. She rode and trained at various barns and would literally jump at the chance for work-to-ride programs. Since then, Lakyn has continued the family tradition of bringing home animals in need. It is nothing for her to seek out and rescue baby birds that have fallen out of trees after a thunderstorm. Her dream is to have a massive farm with hundreds of acres to expand Furvivors rescue and sanctuary and have as many horses as she possibly can to rise to a safer life. Caring for animals is her true passion, and she looks forward to a lifetime of doing just that. 



JoJo has been surrounded by animals her entire life. She was raised with a furry since 16 months old and he was her best friend for 16 wonderful years. Her family will amusingly share the story of when she snuck home a puppy she found placed in a cardboard box marked “free” at a local farmers market. She managed to keep the puppy a secret in her bedroom until the next day. She was 11 at the time.  

It’s been a lifetime of rescue and compassion projects ever since. She’s worked with various charity organizations during her career in big pharma and entertainment production. She says all the unpredictable moments, personalities, extended travel and long hours working with humans, prepared her for this, her true passion for helping animals in need. You will always find her with pockets full of horse cookies and a 911 rescue kit in her truck. She insists the animals rescue her, not the other way around. 



Jon Mallory has worked with the team at Furvivors Wonderland, initially as a rehabilitation and groundwork trainer for Furvivors Ambassador, Caravaggio. Jon now serves as a consultant and intake evaluator at Furvivors. Jon has over 50 years of experience and knowledge in horse training, showing and marketing, worldwide. Jon spent many fond memories in Arizona, specializing in his favorite breed, the Arabian. He now resides on the east coast with his beloved pup Gracie.




Every child needs an animal and every animal needs a child. Bubba is that child for the Furvivors. He is our happiness advocate.  Bubba is a big help with cleaning feed pans, tossing hay and using his special ‘kid-sized’ wheelbarrow. His favorite is spending time with the kittens, Holland and London, and especially giving the furry babes their good night kisses. Of course, it’s like Christmas when a new resident arrives and he helps set up their ‘guest room’. There is so much happiness here and Bubba helps keep it that way. 



Kyle is a lifetime animal lover and fur dad. He has always worked on farms and enjoys the peace they provide. Much like Gio is ‘the Godfather of the herd’, Kyle is the Watchman. The farm guardian. When it comes to dropping everything to answer the call to help, like the impromptu auction call to get Athena on a trailer at 11pm and safely to the Wonderland, he was there. No questions! The day we needed a horse haulin chauffeur to get baby Dallas out of an abandoned situation, Kyle gave up his Sunday for the cause. He can drive a tractor like no one’s business. And, hay bales got nothing on him! Kyle is a lover of all animals, especially the giants. Gio is his main man and they have a connection that is unspeakable. Probably because height runs in their favor.

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