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The Rescues in Rehab

Our adoptable Furvivors; some are rideable and some are the cutest lawn ornaments you’ll ever see. Please consider giving one of the Furvivors a safe, forever landing. They’ve come such a long way, now they need a place to call their own.

We are looking for long term, lifetime commitments for our available horses, preferably to those with horse experience and established providers (vet/farrier). Adoptees will be screened and adoptions will have an agreement to ensure the forever well being of the Furvivors. Home is responsible for hauling, or we can refer reputable transport. Meet & greets welcome, by appointment. Horses will be vetted, seen by farrier and dentist. If you are interested in one of our horses, please email us your interest, location and intended use. Bonus if you can provide pictures of where the horse will reside w/ your initial email showing shelter and fencing, assuring serious inquiries.


Strawberry is a sweet coming 13 year old Shetland pony. Strawberry would be a wonderful babysitter or companion pony. She stands well for the farrier and vet. She loves being groomed and is easily handled. She does best in a herd and others. She does not have a problem fitting in. 


BunBun is a rehab mare who is ready for her next chapter. We believe she is a quarter horse cross. Upon arrival, she was suspected to be in foal, however, after a very thorough ultrasound we found she had an extended tummy from malnutrition and extreme stress. That has since been corrected with consistent better nutrition, time and decompression. Our vet recommends BunBun as a pasture companion or babysitter for the remainder of her life. She is estimated to be about 17 years old. She takes treats nicely, loads and travels well. She is utd on all shots and needs a forever, safe landing. 


Kacey is a coming 11 year old Appendix gelding standing 17.1. He is a retired pony club horse that very much enjoys working on a light level.  He gets bored and would be happiest with a routine with his human. Kasey would do best with someone that will commit to a very regimented schedule, regular light trail rides would keep everyone happy. 



Atwood Agamemnon is his registered name, we call him Aggie. He is a beautiful 13 year old registered Morgan who found his way to the Wonderland along with Joey. He was a buggy cart horse.

Our farrier instantly fell in love with him with his desire to cooperate even after discovering that he had mismatched shoes, which certainly could not have been comfortable pulling a buggy. Stay tuned for more on Aggie as he continues to rise.


Sir Duke. Sassy, mini king Sir Duke. Isn’t it funny how we come up w/ a million little names for our beloved furries. Dukey has indeed acquired a plethora of names. His spunky personality has easily provided us the ability to figure out his personality. Duke arrived the day before Athena, as an owner surrender because he would not allow littles near him. His health is impeccable. It is his mental health that is of rehab from earlier years; we understand he was tormented by littles from a confined pen. Duke stands well for farrier, vet, grooming and dentist. The day Athena arrived they whinnied to one another from afar and a love story began. He has a strong bond with his Lady Athena. So strong you would think this mini is a Clyde the way he prances about. In fact, the love story of Sir Duke & Lady Athena caught the eye of The Dodo where they were featured in July 2022. Watch The Dodo Here


Beautiful Lady Athena. Princess Warrior Athena. We pulled Athena as an impromptu bid at an auction on 2.18.22. As soon as she walked in the ring, we knew in an instant she needed help. We didn’t get her tucked in that night until 1am and it’s been a journey ever since. She was severely emaciated and has front ankle constraints. With the help of Equine Medical & Surgical Associates and ongoing treatment & medications, she is coming around mentally and physically. It has been a process. She was sold as a ‘7 y/o broke, driver, rider’. As you can see from her videos (refer to our tiktok/instagram), our vets feel this girl should not have been driving in her state. To be ridden remains to be seen. Right now, she is living her best life rehabilitating at the Wonderland. Follow her unfolding story on our TikTok page. Also watch Athena on The Dodo Here


Dallas was abandoned on a farm in upstate Pennsylvania. A very kind-hearted woman noticed him alone for several weeks. After much research she discovered the tenants of the farm were evicted and the other farm animals were seized. Dallas was left behind. The landlord offered Dallas to her for a fee, but asked he be removed sooner than later to avoid having to take him to auction. She had no place for a horse so she contacted numerous rescues for help, for weeks. No one responded. At 9pm on a Friday night, we answered the call. After eval, we find he stands well on ties, likes grooming, the farrier and vet. He has a sweet personality and will be a great project. Doctors suggest he is a Morgan/Standard cross. Dallas is approximately 18-24 months young.

Please reach out directly for the most current adoptable horses & farm animals or visit us on Facebook Instagram & TikTok 

If you would like to sponsor or apply for adoption of any of the horses, please email us at [email protected]

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